Pongyi Cafe ♪ <Aug. 15>

Hi, this is Nina.

Pongyi Cafe finished ! Today, 7 groups joined.

Thank you very much for your participation.

A participant joined with some Burmese people who is working in his company today.

One of them will reach her birthday tomorrow, so they were celebrating it.


They were friendly and were really good at Japanese !

After the corona era ends, please come to Pongyi ♪

Masaki-san and I were very happy that they joined the Pongyi Cafe even during the birthdday party.


Other people were ordinary Pongyi Cafe members, so I asked "What I want to do / The goal in our life" , the quiestions we talked in last Pongyi cafe one by one.

* Pongyi Cafe last week  → click

Some people talked like this,

" I want to go to take a picture of a limited poster at a post office."

" I want to take care my feelings and body and make my life more relaxed and fullfilling."

" I want to support a young colleague to grow."

A person said,

" I want to be together with Miss. 〇〇 !!" (!)

(All of today's member cheer for you ! Good luck !)

Parsonally, I was surprised that 2 people toled us like this,

” I want to master the flute !"

" I want to keep enjoing the music in my life !"

I'm into playing piano these days and thinking "playing music is fun!", so I was really happy to know other people also having similar feelings.

What Pongyi wants to achieve is

" We will keep "the connection with others" even after the corona."

I bet our wish (goals) will come true !

Pongyi hopes today's member move forward to realize their dreams.

We are going to open Pongyi Cafe next week, too.

If you have time, please join us ♪

How to join the Pongyi Cafe → Here

Have a nice day (night) !