【Pongyi Cafe】Jan. 16

Hi, this is Nina.

We are going to open "Pongyi cafe" tonight, at 9:00pm.
We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy talking ♪

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<Last time Pongyi Cafe>

Last time (Jan.16), many people from all over Japan and Hong Kong joined us.
Thank you very much for your participation.

Our main topic was "Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake."

It was a devastating earthquake.
It happened in the south of Hyogo prefecture on Jan. 17 1995, the magnitude was 7.3 (Japanese intensity scale of 7) and 6,434 people's lives were taken away.

27 years have passed since then.

H-san who lives in Hyogo was a high school student.
He experienced the earthquake, but fortunately he and his family were safe.
However, electricity, water and gas supply were all stopped for a few weeks, so he had to have a difficult life.

He said he remembers well about that hard time.

"The Japanese intensity scale was 3 in Ishikawa prefecture.
D-san lives near Kanazawa told us..
It happened in early morning, but he wake up and realized it was an earthquake by seeing an electric cord hang from the ceiling was swaying.

In my case...
I was 6 (1st grade of elementary school) at that time.

I was falling asleep and did't notice the shaking at all.
However, all the news I saw on the TV and newspaper were about the earthquake.
I remember I felt " A worldwide trouble happened in Japan..." as a child.

" After experiencing the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake, I started to prepare ”emergency supplies."
H-san said.

I share the website about the preparation for the emergency.

Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet (Japanese)

There are lots of earthquakes and tsunami these days.
I think it is good that each parson prepares for the disaster.

Y-san who was living in the US at that time said,
" People in America spontaneously helped each other like traffic control and guiding people at shops.
It really impressed me."

The society where everyone can help each other even in hard time is wondrful!

G-san from Hong Kong joined our conversation about the earthquake.
There are many earthquakes in the world, but Japan is still "the country of earthquake."

This time topic was a bit more serious compared to usual, but it was great that we shared the memory of Jan. 17 in 1995.

One more information.

According to G-san, we can get Japanese instant noodles with only 100 yen (In Japan , about 150 ~250 yen ?)
She enjoys Japanese noodles when she goes climbing♪

If you go to Hong Kong after everything gets back to normal, please get one!


See you again in the Pongyi Cafe tonight.