Pongyi Cafe ♪<Oct. 3>

Hi, this is Nina.


Next Pongyi Cafe is coming tomorrow.

1 week has past ? So fast...

M-san and A-chan came to Pongyi last week for the Pongyi Cafe.

Many people (more than 10)  joined last time.

One of the cafe members told us Kanazawa marathon will be held on Oct. 31, so we talked about it first.

Yuu-san and Benjamin-san living in Belgium joined from Japanese Garden in Hasselt while they were working as Japanese Home Cooking Pongyi.

It was raining in Hasselt at that time, but they showed us very quiet, beautiful garden ♪

Japanese Home Cooking Pongyi


Masaki-san joined a bit.

Even online, I was happy to see he were talking with the members.

Talking to our guests always makes us happy!

He got many heartwarming messages from them.

Thank you very much for the participation.

(I realized that I forgot to take a gathering picture !)

The preventive measures were lifted in Kanazawa city since the beginning of October, so I can see tourists here and there.

Pongyi is still quiet, but we are going to go slowly.

Pongyi Cafe is going to open tomorrow (Oct. 10)

* Masaki-san will not always join.

I think tomorrow's main topic will be " Mayan calender" we ofeten talked about in the cafe before.

We are looking forward to seeing you !