We will reopen !

Hello, this is Nina.
We are sorry that we have not updated our social media since the beginning of this year.

Pongyi will be back on April 5th !

150 years old Pongyi’s building, especially the roof and the interior walls, got damaged by the major earthquake occurred in Noto in January.

While making repairs ourselves, we stopped accepting guests until an on-site survey which was conducted by specialists.
It took for about a month and a half after the earthquake when we they finally could come to see the building.

From the second half of February, we accepted only a small number of guests those who had made reservations since last year.

We were planning to reopen on March, however, I (Nina) accidentally broke my toe and ended up in a cast, which forced us to delay the reopening even further.

The progress is good and the cast will be removed in a few days if all goes as planned, and we will reopen from there.

Thank you very much to all those who contacted us after the earthquake, and we appreciate your concern about Pongyi.
Some of you sent us messages asking if Masaki-san is okay, and thanks to your support, he is doing well.

The past few years have been a succession of various events: the Corona, Masaki-san’s myocardial infarction, the earthquake, and the broken bones.
Although we had to take an unexpected break for the past few months, Masaki-san and I have been thinking about Pongyi’s policy for the future day by day.

We have further strengthened Pongyi’s desire to be a place where people can feel the joy of living through communication with others, and to be an inn where people especially from overseas can feel the goodness of Japan through ordinary Japanese life.

In the future, we hope to provide opportunities to enjoy meals together with our guests, and to create time to think about the richness of the heart through Tibetan singing bowls and meditation.

We look forward to seeing you again in Kanazawa !

Guest House Pongyi
Masaki and Nina