G-san from France ♪

Hello, this is Masaki.

This is G-san from France.

He came with only a slightly larger daypack (a bag for a one-day trip) and stayed at Pongyi for nearly a week.

Sometimes he was quietly reading a book, and other times he went over Utatsuyama on foot to enjoy the cherry blossoms.
He was enjoying his trip at his own pace.

He researched and did everything by himself, and was very calm, considerate to people around him.
I thought he was an experienced traveler, so I asked him about his trip.

He has been traveling for about 2 years already.
He traveled from Hawaii to the Polynesian Island on a small yacht with a few people he met, and then to Australia.
He has visited about 100 countries so far, including some in Africa.
From there, he continued his travels and came to Japan.

One night, one of his roommates forget to set off the alarm and the alarm noise continued for a long time in the middle of the night.

People would have complained that it was too noisy, normally.
However, G-san said, " I was worried if he would be okay because he did not wake up."

I believe that the ability to think of others without emotional disturbance in any situation is a result of his personality and his a lot of travel experiences.

" Are you going to keep traveling?" I asked.

He answered,
" I think I'm done for the time being. Traveling around different countries was like dating a lot of girlfriends. I was able to see many things."

" I will go back to France and make my new dreams come true."

Glory to him in his new life journey !