【Pongyi Nabe】Our first Pongyi Nabe in 2023 !

We went shopping together and enjoyed the Pongyi Nabe (hot pot) for the first time this year.
The hot nabe with local "magic" miso paste makes people happy !
This is our favorite event in winter.

(I wanted to post the pucture of full of hot nabe, but I realized that I forgot to take a picture of that scene !)

They kindly helped Masaki-san to bring heavy groceries because he cannot bring heavy stuffs after the heart attack.
How sweet they are !
We appreciate it.

After enjoying the nabe, ladies who love cooking took notes of the recipe and said,
" We wil try cooking this nabe by myself at home !"

We are happy if Pongyi Nabe will spread all over the world !

A guest from Australia tried natto (fermented soy beans) for the first time as well.

" Hmmm... not...bad...but,... (not very good....)"

It seemed he was not a big fan of natto, but he mixed the sticky natto very well !

We keep being a place people get together and experience the wonderful time together in 2023 too !