Pongyi Cafe ♪ <Sep. 26>

Hi, this is Nina.


Pongyi Cafe last Sunday.

8 people joined onlinen and 2 friends plus Nina, so we were 11 in total.

Thank you very much for joining !

The participants were... those who joins almost every time, joins for the first time in a while, joins while traveling, and joins secretly from the office (!) ...

I am happy they remember Pongyi Cafe every week.

This time, we talked about " Lighthouses we can go up".

There are about 3300 lighthouses in Japan, but only 16 we can go up.

2 of the Pongyi Cafe participants said, "I went some of them !"

Pongyi Cafe members love to travel !

I heard that there is a "stamp rally (stamp collecting)" of 16 those lighthouses.


* Japanese only.

It seems that 44 people already accomplished visiting 16 lighthouses acorsing to the above website.

People who collected all the stamps are annouced thier name on the website (and they get a small present).

I hope Pongyi member's name will be witten on that website as well one day !


By the way...

Pongyi annpunced that Masaki-san was in hospital for about 1 month on the social media a few days ago.

So many people kindly sent us messages from all over the world.

We really appreciate that.

* I am so sorry for my late reply.

I will definitely reply to you later !

Masaki-san is getting recovered day by day.

What he had to part with was too precious and he cannot get the health like before.

However, we (mainly Masaki-san) think we had really important experience.

We are now thinking to make good use of this experience not only for ourselves but also for others.

Pongyi goes slowly, but we will never give up !


We are going to open Pongyi Cafe next Sunday, too.

If you have time, please join us ♪

How to join the Pongyi Cafe → Here

Have a wonderful night !