Otakiage 2024 !

Since Pongyi's opening in 2009, Pongyi has been run with the wish that "all people may be filled with the joy of living" as the most important principle.

At the workshop time at night, we do not just fold paper cranes with our guests.
We usually ask them to write a message of their wish for the happiness of others and put it inside the crane. (We call it Peace Origami.)
* Peace message is like “I want a new iPhone.” → “May everyone can get a new iPhone.”

For the past 14 years, except for the year when Masaki was hospitalized (2021), we have continued to put all the peace origami cranes into the sacred fire every year on the Sagicho Festival at Yasue Hachiman Shrine to send our guests' wishes to heaven.

Although there was a major earthquake on the Noto Peninsula on January 1st and it will take some more time before Pongyi reopens for business, it was a relief to be able to safely send everyone's warm hearts to the sky again this year.

We have received your warm hearts and support to reopen our business.
We cannot thank you enough.

We sincerely hope that the people of the Noto region will find peace soon, and that conflicts around the world will disappear and everyone will be at peace.

We will reopen Pongyi as soon as possible and keep it continue !