Pongyi noren (shop curtain) in Belgium !

Hi, this is Nina,


The other day, Masaki-san and I ordered a new noren from Tamasaku hata-maku shokai.

This noren is not for ourselves.

It is an opening celebration for "Japanese Home Cooking Pongyi" , a Yakitori stand that our ex-staff Yuu-san and her husband Benjamin-san started this summer in Belgium.

It took about 2 weeks until they received the noren.

Noren is not only the curtain, also the face of the shop and has an important meaning.

In Japan, the situation that someone starts his/her own buisiness after finishing his/her apprenticeship and training at a restaurant (or a shop) is called "Noren-wake".

*"Wake" : "devide", "give" or "share".

This means the person will inherit the way and spirit from the shop he/she trained.

Therefore, this is kind of our "Noren-wake" !

Bright green is their theme color.

It shows both of youthfulness and elegance... wonderful color !

Yuu-san and Benjamin-san used the brand-new noren for the first time last weekend.

The width and the length look just right !

The plum flowers around the Pongyi logo is associated with the symbol of Maeda family who governed Kanazawa in samurai era.

Their happy faces make us happy♪

Pongyi T-shirt, Online town tour jacket, Pongyi mask and standing signboard are all made by Tamasaku-san.

He designed the noren this time as well.

Thank you for the amazing noren !

Tamasaku hata-maku shokai


This noren will welcome lots of customers !

If you live in Belgium (Hasselt) or near Belgium, please visit to see it !

【Japanese Home Cooking Pongyi】





Thank you for reading !