Pongyi Cafe ♪ <Aug. 29>

Hi, this is Nina.


Pongyi Cafe has finished !

Thank you for joining !

Today, 2 friends joined from Pongyi with me, and 7 people joined online so were 10 in total.

One guest joined for the first time.

He stayed at pongyi once about 4 or 5 years ago.

I was happy many people came even Masaki-san was absent.


I asked everyone "What were you doing this week ? "

They answered,

" We bought a new sofa because our cats scrached our sofa !

It cost 100,000 yen but it was fun to choose new one !"

" I went to see a baseball game and got an original T shirt !"

" I watched my favorite TV program about Hokkaido for 6 hours today !"  etc.

I was glad that they seemed to enjoy their weekend even there are many ristrictions because of the coronavirus.

However,  a man's word that

" I was always ate dinner in a restaurant after work before go home, but I cannot do that now.

Because almost all restaurants are closed at 8:00 pm... That's sad. "

made me also sad...

G-san, joined from Hong Kong, said

" I made Inarizushi (Japanese food) by myself for the first time ! It was yummy !"

and showed a picture of it.

Almost all participants of Pongyi Cafe are Japanese people, but she often joins from Hong Kong.

In addition, she sometimes cooks Japanese food in Hong Kong to feel Japan.

She really likes Japan and Japanes culture.

This makes me very happy !

I hope everything goes back to normal and everyone will be able to go abroad soon.


I would like to share a question H-san gave me in the cafe.

" How do people in Ishikawa prefecture call MacDonald's ? "


In Kanto (east area, like Tokyo) , " Mac" is mainly used.

But in Kansai (west area, like Osaka) , " Macdo" is popular.

( Are there any other way to call MacDonald's in Japan ? "

Our prefecture, Ishikawa is located just in the middle of east and west.

Which is mainly used... do you know that ?

The answer is ...

" Mac" !!

(Acording to my personal experience...)

I was born and raised in Ishikawa prefesture for 32 years, but I have never heard " Macdo" here, so I think Mac is popular in Ishikawa.

* I googled after the cafe.

The area " Macdo " is used is fewer than I expected.

Quoted from :J town net

The soup of Udon is Kansai taste and many other culture is also Kansai way in Ishikawa prefecture.

However, there are some Kanto culture not only the way of calling MacDonald's but also the way of calling the grade of university... This is interesting !

Many people join from defferent places.

It is fun to know the features of our own places that we didn't know.

Tihis is one of good points of online cafe.

If you have a question about local places, please feel free to ask in the cafe ♪


We are going to open Pongyi Cafe next week, too.

( Masaki-san will probably not join next week, either.)

If you have time, please join us ♪

How to join the Pongyi Cafe → Here

Have a nice day (night) !