Kinkato ! Wonderful present !


This is Nina.


A few days ago, A-chan (our friend, Japanese confectionery craftsman) came to Pongyi and gave us a wonderful present !


It is this, Kinkato (金花糖)!


I think we have already introduced Kinkato in our blog, but many people may hear this name for the first time.


Kinkato is a sugar confectionery. To make this, put sugar and water into a wooden case, melt them by heat, solidify and put color.


Kinkato came from Europe in Edo era (1603-1868).

It was an expensive offering because sugar was very valuable that time, but it became popular among ordinary people as well in Meiji era (1868-1912). It is said that Kinkato was made in many places in Japan in the beginning of Showa era (1926-1989).


However, its very delicate handmade process did not fit to mass production, so the number of people who made Kinkato decreased.

Nowadays, we can get Kinkato only few places in Japan like Kanazawa and Nagasaki.


A-chan gives us precious Kinkato every year !

Tai (sea bream), clam and peach ! They are all "good luck " things !

They make us happy♪


Thank you very much A-chan !



(It seems that he is a bit shy)


By the way, in addition to the traditional Japanese designs like sea bream, there are many kinds of other designs.




Elephant, squirrel and swan! So cute ♪

Their soft color make us to feel gentle.


I decorated the Kinkato in front of the alter.


It seems that it is the difficult time for everone because of the coronavirus now.

Please come to see Kinkato when everything is settled ♪



A-chan's shop !

"Kaga Meika no Koshino" (It is near Higashi chaya geisha district !)