What is the online Pongyi Cafe ?

Hi, this is Nina.


Pongyi started "Pongyi Cafe" at the end of January.

It is an online cafe where everyone can get together and enjoy talking each other for only 30 minutes (9:00~9:30pm) every Sunday.


"We will quit the online cafe if there is no participants 2 weeks (twice) in a row..."


Thankfully, there were always some participants, so we have been continuing the cafe for about 2 months.


However, we have never introduced "what is actually held in the cafe ?" so we will write about the Pongyi cafe this time.




Pongyi Cafe is a online place for communication that everyone can join.

Sometimes, our "real" guests who is staying our house or our friends also join with us from Pongyi.


One day in March, M-san (he was staying at Pongyi) joined with us and K-san (he just checked out that day) joined from his house.


They were talking in the common room of Pongyi in the morning, but they were talking online from different places in the evening !

That was fun !


* M-san and K-san's story is here, too.

 "Welcome back to Pongyi ♪”



At Pongyi Cafe, we usually ask the participants and share 

" The happiest thing you had this week "


However, we mainly talked about the exam to become a teacher because M-san was in the middle of preparing for it.


For example, this maths question...



" Oh... I completely forgot maths !

  But It's normal because it was about 50 years ago I learned that !" (Masaki)





" Laundry care label symbols ? That' s more difficult than I thought ! " (Nina)

" Yeah..  The questions of home economics and P.E. (for instance) are quite less than those of main subjects like Japanese, maths or science. but I don't want to lose it to be ahead of the game. That's hard !" (M-san)


Moreover, there were some people who can play the musical instrulments (piano and flute) so we enjoyed talking about a quiestion of music " What is this song ? (People guess the song from a part of sheet music) "



The other day, we talked about,

Sakura (cherry blossoms), the things we usually do in our free time recently, Doubutsu Uranai (Animal fortune telling that was popular in the past.), Kabara numerology...


There were many theme in 30 min. !


We ask the situation of the coronavirus 


We ask the each country's situation of the spread of the coronavirus when people join from other countries.

We tell what we are trying to do, news of Kanazawa, etc. too.


Sunday evening may makes many people get depressed.  " Tomorrow, work again.. (sigh.)"

We hope everyone who join Pongyi Cafe can meet new people, enjoy talking and relaxing, like they are at the common room of Pongyi.


Some people join every time, some are for the first time, and the rest join when they feel like it.

Recently, 4~5 people join.


We are very happy to see people get to know each other at Pongyi Cafe enjoy talking.

A person sometimes joins with her smartphone even on the way home after hard that also makes us happy.



(Please click the image to go to the detail ge of Pongyi Cafe.)


Please feel free to join the Pongyi Cafe.

We are looking forward to seeing you ♪



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