Little by little, customers from abroad have returned.

At Pongyi, sometimes we make name tags with kanji (guessed characters) to explain Japanese to foreign customers.
It is a fun time for us, as the kanji chosen reflects the personality of the customer.

The paper is made from Futamata Washi, one of the traditional industries of Ishikawa Prefecture.

He is A-san from Germany.
Huh? Is he someone who has stayed at Pongyi before? I thought….
"My brother stayed here 3 years ago.”
I was so happy to hear that both brothers stayed here.

A-san is an international student studying agriculture at a university in Kyoto and has only been in Japan for about a month.
“I am finally getting used to a life of rice and miso soup in the morning," said the calm and gentle A-san.

We hope he will enjoy his life in Japan over the next year!