We will do our best for the earliest reopening !

This is Masaki.

After the Noto Peninsula earthquake occurred on January 1st, Pongyi have received many messages from our guests and friends.

I am sorry that I could not respond to each and every one of them.
Nina and I are very encouraged by them.

In the Noto region, rescue efforts are still underway, and we can only hope as many people as possible are safe.

At the time of the earthquake, it was difficult to stand.
The entire building of Pongyi appears not got big damage, but we found some distortion in the roof tiles and beams yesterday.
We need to check the house carefully.

Electricity, gas, and water are running.
Nina and I (and Peace our parakeet) are doing well.

However, aftershocks are continueing and there is still a possibility of a big earthquake.

Due to this situation, we have decided not to accept guests who had made reservations in the coming days.
We have also stopped accepting new reservations for the time being.

After Corona, we received crowdfunding support from many people and were able to make a new start.
We are sincerely glad that we could continue to operate Pongyi as a place for heart-to-heart exchanges.

Corona, my myocardial infarction, and we have now been hit by a major earthquake.
Like my life up to now, we will keep challenging and we will get through this situation.

We will move forward toward the early reopening without giving up.

Thank you very much.