Pongyi Cafe ♪ <Aug. 22>

Hi, this is Nina.

We had some returning guests this week.

It was great to talk to them !

But... I remember that I have not written about last time's Pongyi Cafe yet !


Aug. 22, Pongyi Cafe finished !

Thank you very much for joining us.

This time , 3 guests joined with us from Pongyi and 11 people joined online, so we were 16 people. (so big !)

Not only the people who join every week, but also some people have joined for the first time in a while.

Japan, Switzerland and Hong Kong... it was international and fun !

We asked " What kind of happy things you had this week ? "

They kindy shared their happy stories like this;

" I went to Kyoto and Osaka to see some exhibitions !"

" I finally got iPhone 12 !"

" I stayed in a guesthouse for 4 days in Nagano !"

A university student said,

" I just finished the last exam to become a elementary school teacher !"

We know how hard he studied for some minths... We bet he will pass the exam !

We hope he has a confidence in himself and wait until he gets the result (in october).

One of 3 guests who joined from Ponngyi was Y-san and she joins the Pongyi Cafe almost every week.

So we heard some people said

" Wow ! You are joining from Pongyi now ? Looks fun !"

Meeting the people we usually see online in real life makes us happy.

We will cherish the human connection ♪

We are going to open Pongyi Cafe next week, too.

If you have time, please join us ♪

How to join the Pongyi Cafe → Here

Have a nice day (night) !