【Otakiage 2022 !】We went to Otakiage yesterday (Jan. 15)

We brought some New Year decorations, old charms and calligraphy papers.

*Otakiage is a ceremony of burning sacred things that we already used and do not need to keep anymore.
(old charms, paper charms, etc.)

There were many people from children to elderly people.
(We took the pictures with less people, but actually there were many people !)

This shrine is loved by local people.

Burning the New Year decorations means to see the God of a the year off.
Burning the calligraphy also means to improve the calligraphy skills,

There were many offerings in front of himedaruma (round, red shaped good luck dolls).
We found that some himedarumas we made with our guests before are still enshrined with other himedarumas.

This made us really happy♪
Let's come to see them again !

This is the model of "Hyakuman-san" .

This spot is good to take a picture♪

We didn't bring any peace origami cranes this time because we were almost closed last year.
We would like to bring many peace origami cranes next year !

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