Stories before we start the online tour (The 1st)

Hello, this is Nina.



I am going to talk about when Pongyi started the Online Kanazawa Town Tour.

(I have written about that before, but I will tell you more details this time.)

*This series has 3 episodes in total.




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It all started when we met a girl, Yuzu-san, for the first time.


She was a really motivated university student.

"I would like to cheer up the guesthouses in Japan during the hard time of the coronavirus !"

So she decided to do "Online stay" in all 47 prefectures in Japan.


We got a request of online stay at Pongyi from her last summer.



"We have never used ZOOM (online meeting tool), but everything becomes our experience ! Let's try ! "


So we ansered yes.

That was the start of our days of seeking good online quality (that might be a little exaggerated...)


*After the online stay, Yuzu-san actually came to Pongyi.

 She has almost finished visiting the guesthouses in 47 prefectures, and is putting her stories in a book now (2021. Jan. 28 )



      Her blog is here. (Japanese)


"Online stay ????"


It is like...

using ZOOM, people check in a guesthouse, enjoy talking with staffs and other guests and can get local imformations from them.


I still did not get it.

Masaki-san, neither.



"Well, give it a try !"


We began to study about ZOOM.



" Just talking each other and showing in the guesthouse is fine, but everything is inside.

  I prefer going out of the house with ZOOM and introducing Kanazawa to staying inside !

  If we can do this, why don't we try doing an online tour outside ? "



Usually, ZOOM is used in a house.

However, with his idea, we tried to bring a camera (smartphone) outside.


We did not noticed...that was just a beginning of our... long... way of seeking...



When we trid broadcasting with ZOOM outside, we realized

" What ? The video is not clear AT ALL ! "


Actually, the internet network is really important for the live streaming.


We had a portable WiFi router, so we were going to use it,


but the internet connection sometimes works well, sometimes doesn’t work well,

depending on the situation in the town.

Once we enter the place surrounded by buildings, the connection goes off and on.



      Same type to our WiFi router.


If we can use some special equipments that event management companies or TV companies use,


"Yes, we can (broadcast the clear image from outside) !"


However, of course, we can't afford to purchase those kind of equipments.


Pongyi has been continued donating more than 100 yen from each accommodatiuon fee to poor Asian kids since the guesthouse opened (2009).

When we get the benefit, we kept the minimum and also donated the rest.


Therefore, our knowledge and budget are too little to realize the live streaming in good quality at low cost. 



In addition...


with Masaki-san's idea,


"If we use a bicycle, we can visit  much more  spots in a town than just walking,

  because sightweeing spots are very close each other in Kanazawa !

  I want to be particular about that ! "  



Image in Masaki-san's brain.


"There is no limit for Masaki-san ? "  




Internet connection 

→ Wifi, LTE, which GHz band ?



→  Smartphone, GoPro, compact digital camera, or SLR ?

     Is it better to connect to a computer ?


Way of live streaming 

→ ZOOM, You Tube live, Instagram live, Skype, Google duo...etc.



→What is the best external microphone ?   Compatibility with devices ?



→ How to control the vibration while riding a bicycle ?

    How to live stream the image from the moving bicycle ?

    Are there any other good ways to talk to participants except for earphones to put in ears ?


Rain insulation 

→ What is a suitable equipment for the tipical rainy weather in Kanazawa ?



and so on...

There were so many problems for us (beginners of online).



Even if we walk, it is very difficult to show clear image on live streaming outside.

So broadcasting the image which is "acceptable to see" while riding a bicycle is...


" It's impossible..."






I was like a tiny newborn see turtle heading to the ocean...


Or, like a beginner climber trying to climb Mount Everest from the foot of it...


(I really felt like them.)


My heart was going to break off.


"I think we don't need to try live streaming outside at the online stay of Yuzu-san..."



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