Life in Belgium ♪ (You Tube)

This is Nina.


How are you doing these days ?

It is getting warmer and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Kanazawa.


Today, I would like to give you a special news !


Yuu-san, an ex-staff (okami) of Pongyi who lives in Belgium now, appeared in You Tube !

She talks about "The things changed a lot and the lifestyles she got used to after moving to Belgium" with her friend Cotje-san.


<The thigngs changed after moving to Belgium>  *Please click the picture to go to You Tube.



5 years have passed since Yuu-san left Japan.

10 years for Cotje-san as well.

They are talking about "What they feel in th life in Belgium" from their real experience in the video.


Their warm and positive personalities and interesting stories make the video really fun !

Please take a look at it ♪



Cotje-san (she made the video) also makes a lot of videos about walking around the town, food and so on. to introduce the wonderful points of Belgium to many people.

(Chillco Channel)


The following videos are that Cotje-san introduces Ghent city (actually, sister city of Kanazawa !) with Yuu-san.


<Ghent, one of my favorite places in Belgium !>


①First half


②Second half


Now, Europe is in lockdown again.

It seems that it takes more time that the day everyone can go abroad without any restrictions comes...


However, the videos made me really happy because I could feel the connection between Belgium and Japan, even though we are far away each other.


Yuu-san and Cotje-san, thank you so much !