Stories before we start the online tour (The 2nd)

Hello, this is Nina.


I have already written in the previous article ;


Live streaming while riding a bicycle is 


" Impossible with our little knowledge ! "

" And also impossible with our small budget ! "





I have almost lost confidence...




In this article, I would like to tell you when Pongyi saw a slight hope of broadcasting outside.




The hope is... ?



I had almost lost confidence.

To add insult to injury, the sweltering heat despite early summer attacked me.

I was tired.


Masaki-san came and smiled, 

Look ! This ! Let’s try ♪


gave me some documents.


Shinbunya challenge kinkyu shien hojyokin ? 

* The name of the documents.


Nina : “Is this a subsidy ?”


Masaki : “Yes. Why don’t we apply for it ?”




Countermeasures against the COVID-19, 

Subsidy aid for emergency support for a new field challenge 


The local government will help the small and medium - sized businesses which was seriously affected by the COVID-19 make an effort to find a new way for solution.



I heard that this is a subsidy for these kind of cases;

•A restaurant starts the delivery service.

•A supermarket starts the drive-through vegetable selling.


In short,  it helps the businesses which challenge something new during the hard time of the COVID-19.


If we pass the screening, the local government subsidizes 3/4 of the expense.  Yay⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝♡︎


But... that is "if" we pass.

And nobody knows when the results will be announced.


If our application does not pass, we have to pay all the expense of course.


Nina : " We can't afford paying all, right ?"


Masaki : "That's no problem ! We have nothing, so there is nothig to fear !” 

             Let's try doing our best and get what we can buy first !





Masaki-san became zero (financially and socially) many times,

experienced as a monk in Myanmar in his 40s,

crawled up by himself from only 3000yen savings.   (← so many difficulties...)


There is no reason (← important), but he has guts.


           Masaki-san in Myanmar



Even at this moment (financially, of course), he says


"What ? Worry ? No~problem ♪ Even if the application doesn't pass, we can keep going ! "  



We decided to apply.


Thanks to the warm advises from the Kanazawa Chamber of commerce and industry.


"Yes, I think your plan will go well."


We pined the hopes to these reassuring words from a person in charge. 


We will correctly use the tax.

Hope approval will be granted...


This slight "hope" of the subsidy and the positive attitude of Masaki-san (no reason, but stable)

 gave me a power to work on a piles of tasks.


* We would like to say thank you to the Kanazawa Chamber of commerce and industry for their help.




Staffs of a major eletronic and home appliances chain store



We researched a lot, and got a lot of cooperation from many people. 


* Our friends who lent us a smartphone or a camera, and gave us the great knowledge and advices, 

   thank you very much !!


Researching the internet connection around the main sightseeing spots in Kanazawa,


Trying taking a ZOOM video in many ways,

(I adjusted a back support belt of Masaki-san and made a new band to attach the gimbal...)




Smartphone (good camera quality)

Mobile network

Gimbal (an equipment to control the vibration)

Bone-conducting headphone




They are all just an amateur can get, but 


"Yes ! We might be able to go with them !"


Finally we chose the good equipments !



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