Last time (Jan, 23) Pongyi Cafe, 5 people joined us (plus 2 from Pongyi.)
Thank you very much for your participation.

・I enjoyed playing with my nieces with a sled.
・I am scared how expensive the price of gasoline is (172 yen/L.)
・I was surprised it was noon when I woke up (10 hours sleep) because I usually sleep for only 6 or 7 hours.
・Soon, Lunar New Year in Hong Kong !
・The spread of the Omicron doesn’t stop, so I think Ishikawa pref. will take the pre-emergency measures soon.
 (* Today (Jan, 25), the government officially announced that Ishikawa pref. will take the pre-emergency measures from Jan. 27 to Feb. 20.)

We had many topics, but I would like to share especially the topic of “Lunar New Year in Hong Kong” ♪

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Pongyi Cafe is the online cafe which is held for only 30 min. every Sunday night (21:00~.)
To enjoy talking, to be relaxed, to get information about Japan, or to see Pongyi etc.
We will welcome you ♪

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