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Check in
15:00 ~21:00

Check out

*We are closed between 12:00~15:00.


The building echoes much because our house is old and wooden.

We would appreciate it if you could keep quiet after 22:00.

Front desk
・The front desk opens 8:00~12:00 / 15:00~21:00 .

・A staff stays in the house during night time, but only deals with an emergency.   

・If you come 8:00 ~ 12:00, we can keep your luggage.
(Please be sure to let us know beforehand.)

We are closed between 12:00~15:00 , the house is closed and there is no staff.
We cannot receive your luggage during this time.
If you are staying more than one night, you can stay in the house during this time.
Guesthouse guides
・High speed Wi-Fi is available free of charge in all rooms.

・There is a valuables locker that you can put your wallet and key etc. (free of charge)

・You can use the kitchen. * Kitchen, utensils, Refrigerator, Microwave, etc. (free of charge)

・ Shower and bathroom are shared.
  * There are no private shower and bathroom in the private room. (Ladies can use the shower room for only women.)

・There is no bathtub.

・You can use a washing machine. (100 yen, laundry detergent 50 yen / 9:00~21:00)

・There is no cloths dryer. There is a coin-operated laundry in about 3 minutes away on foot.

・Bicycle rental
 500 yen / 1 day (8:00~20:00)

・There is no private car park.
 If you are coming by car, please use the neighboring coin-operated car parkings .

・You cannot park a motorcycle.
 If you are coming by motorcycle, please use the motorcycle park near Kanazawa station.

・Please keep quiet after 22:00.
 The lights in common rooms are turned off at 22:30.

Q & A


Guesthouse is an inn where people share the bed rooms (dormitories), Shower rooms, bathrooms, kitchen etc. We would like you to make yourself at home. However, please keep good manners in the guesthouse (eg. Refraining from talking loudly or using an alarm in the dormitories) with other guests in mind.
Our check-in time is 15:00 - 21:00. However, if you cannot come by 21:00, we can wait for you until 22:00 with previous notice. We are closed 12:00 (noon) - 15:00. There is nobody in the guesthouse during our closing time. * The guests who sleep more than two nights can stay in the guesthouse during this time.
Breakfast (hot sandwiches) is served for an extra charge (600 yen). Dinner is not provided. There are many restaurants nearby, including near Kanazawa Station, so please feel free to inquire at the front desk.
We are happy to receive your luggage before check-in. In that case, please let us know beforehand and come between 8:00 - 12:00 (noon). (If you come without prior notification, we sometimes close and leave the guesthouse.) * We cannot receive or hand over your luggage during our closing time (12:00 - 15:00.) We can keep your luggage until 21:00 after check-out. When you send your luggage to our guesthouse beforehand, please send it as specified on the day before or on the same day of your reservation date. * Please let us know in advance if you send your luggage to our guesthouse.
No, we don’t have curfew. The main entrance is closed at 22:00, however, you can use the backdoor from 22:00 - 8:00 next day. (We will tell you the password of the backdoor when you check in.) * Please quietly go in and go out at night so as not to disturb other sleeping guests.
Yes. We put the lights of the common rooms out at 22:30. Since our wooden building is old, the house echoes much with sounds. Please keep quiet after 22:00.
We don’t have amenity like a hotel, however, shampoo, conditioner and body soap are in the shower room. In the Female Dormitory, there are a bottle of make-up remover, some cosmetic cotton pads and some cotton buds. Towel, yukata (pajamas) and toothbrush are rental (not included in the accommodation fee). Bath towel / 100 yen, face towel / 50 yen, yukata / 200 yen, toothbrush / 50 yen
We have two shower rooms. One is only for women (until 23:00) and the other is for men and women (24 hours). If you want to take a bath, we will introduce you a large public bath of a hotel near Pongyi (8 minutes on foot, 700 yen with web coupon). The usage fee of the washing machine is 100 yen (one time). (Soap is 50 yen.) We don’t have a drying machine. * The nearest coin laundry is about 3 minutes’ walk from our guesthouse. (Open: 24 hours) You can use a hair dryer for free. (until 23;00) Refrigerator, microwave, toaster and kitchen can be used freely.
No. There is a shower room and a bathroom for women only near the Female Dormitory. * All women guests can use them. Other rooms (Mixed Dormitory and the Japanese Style Room) don’t have its own shower room or a bathroom. Please use the shared shower room and a bathroom.
Yes. Hi-speed internet is available free of charge throughout our guesthouse.
Yes, there is a valuables locker that you can put your wallet and key etc. It fits A4 size documents. (The size is 25cm×32cm×18cm, free of charge)
No, it is not barrier-free. Our house is a townhouse which was built about 140 years ago. There are many steps in every part of our house. The stairs to the Female Dormitory are very narrow and steep, so it seems that they are unsuitable for physically handicapped people (especially legs).
Yes. Please check the age below. Dormitories (shared room): 12 years old (first grade in junior high school) or older can stay Japanese Style Room (private): 6 years old (first grade in elementary school) or older can stay.
Yes, we can accept VISA, Master, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB and Diners Club.
No, we don’t have our own parking lots. We are happy to show you the coin parkings near our guesthouse when you check in. (Coin-operated parking nearby) We are also happy to show a public parking lot near JR Kanazawa station for people come by motorcycle. In case of a bicycle, you can use a small space to park on the bridge in front of our guesthouse. (One bicycle only and there is no roof.)
Yes. We have bicycle rental service. One bicycle is 400 yen. (8:00-20:00)
Our guesthouse is smoke-free inside the house. If you would like to smoke please use a small deck along the canal in front of our guesthouse. (You cannot go on deck on a rainy day.)
Yes. There is a Seven–Eleven (24 hours) just in front of our guesthouse and a drug store just across the street.
Yes. There are many restaurants around JR Kanazawa station (7 min. on foot from our guesthouse). You can eat at the Omicho market (Seafood and vegetable market, 13 min. on foot) as well.


Free equipment

Free Wi-Fi


Shampoo, conditioner,
body soap

Hair dryer

Security locker

Microwave oven



Rental equipement

Laundry ¥100, Soap ¥50

“Yukata” ¥200

Towel ¥100 / small ¥50
There is a Seven – Eleven in front of Pongyi.

We do not have our private parking lot. There are some coin-operated parkings near our guesthouse.

Floor map

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