About Pongyi

Representative Masaki

Experience of Buddhist monk in Myanmar (2004) and acute myocardial infarction (2021)

 Pongyi means “Buddhist monk” in Burmese

This name derives from the representative Masaki’s Buddhist monk previous experience in Myanmar in 2004.

“May all people be filled full of Joy of life.”

This is the word of his holiness Gayuna Sundima Cealo, the high priest to whom Masaki look up as his mentor.

We are bearing these words in mind and trying to be “I am that I am, and do what we can do for the others.”

 I would like to give positive energy to others by running a guesthouse

 “How can I live a fulfilling life from the bottom of my heart ?”

The encounter with Gayuna Cealo after leaving my job in a bank and my experience as a monk in Myanmar lead to Pongyi.

“I will lively work and give people positive energy.”

“I will practice without thinking pros and cons too much.”

Pongyi is the first guesthouse in Kanazawa I opened by just a bit of idea in 2009.

I have kept running Pongyi with these thoughts since then.

“My ideal job is being myself”

I am running Pongyi with thought of my main job is “being myself”.

I am happy if Pongyi’s guests take a rest, charge energy and bring back the precious memory or experience.

 Experience of acute myocardial infarction (Aug. 2021)

In August 2021, I lost half of my heart due to the acute myocardial infarction.

That shocked me a lot because I was caring for my health… If the detection and treatment were a bit later, I am not here now.

This experience made me to determine that I will cherish our policy which puts importance in “connection with people” more.

Our way of management is not easy. Very small capacity (only 10 people), only accommodation (no cafe, no bar) and inexpensive price. Moreover, the more we make time to talk to our guests, the more labor costs rise.

Our way is completely opposite to the general way.

However, “It is no use running a guesthouse if we do not do what we cherish”, we are running Pongyi with this thought.

Our guesthouse may not suit for the people those who want to stay for business or have their own time a lot.

We hope Pongyi will be a guesthouse which can be one scene of life for the guests who think “meeting people “ is one of the joy of travel.

 We are donating 100 yen from each accommodation fee to a nonprofit organization which does humanitarian aid to Asia

Our policy is using the surplus profit except for what we need for the practice and give back to the contribution to others.

This is the reason why we are donating 100 yen from each accommodation fee to a nonprofit organization which does humanitarian aid to Asia.

We hope you will find inspiration by having touched ”peace” , ”awareness”, ”meeting” ,”information” etc., even if only slightly , it will become your further energy of life from tomorrow. 

We are happy if your stay at Pongyi will lead to make other people also happy.

There are no luxurious amenities like in a first-class hotel, but we sincerely hope that you feel and relaxed like at home.


”Management philosophy” ”Management policy” ”Actions guideline”

Management Philosophy

“May all people be filled full of Joy of life.”

(Words of master Gayuna Cealo)

Management Policy

1.We generate a profit in good faith. We act and give back the surplus profit except for what we need for the contribution for others who want to be independent and have peace in mind.

2.We respect each and every staff and make a place where they can grow as a person with a strong ambition.

3.We cherish the local community, culture and history and contribute to the international support of independence mainly in Asia.

Actions guideline

1.We understand ” I am just who I am”, go to the right path, always think what we can do for others and act.

2.We cherish the richness of mind and smile of all staff.

3. We understand each staff is involved in the management with their own will and responsibility. We do our best for the develop of the organization and the self-realization.

4.We respect each personality, work hard and encourage each other and grow in harmony.


Masaki / Representative

“My ideal job is being myself”

After quitting my job as a business person, I took part in the management of a company, but it failed. I experienced failure.

I lost everything. At that time, I met a high priest of Myanmar Buddhism and I was visiting to Myanmar to experience as a monk.

I reflected on myself. Then I realized it is okay to be myself and there is no need to compare to others.

The experience my eyes naturally teared up when I meditated at the Golden Rock in Myanmar is benefiting me now.

After coming back to Japan, I was involved in a non profit organization and lived in a small depopulated village in Komatsu city.

I was there for about 2 years and moved to Kanazawa. I started my new life by myself.

With the money I earned, I opened Guest House Pongyi near Kanazawa station.

Pongyi provides a place like home away home as a guesthouse that touches people’s heart.

I would like to cherish the connection between people.

I will give form to this feeling.

<My career>

・Born in 1961. Following diplomat father, I have lived in Paraguay and Brazil for about 10 years.

・In 1985, after graduating from university, joined a specialized foreign exchange bank and worked there for 15 years.

・In 2000, I quitted the bank due to the merger of the banks.

・I was involved in the management of a company which provides the spiritual content.

・In 2004, I quitted the company due to the poor business performance of it.

・In 2005, I met a high priest of Myanmar Buddhism and had a monk experience in Myanmar (2 times, for a few months). (This was my “3rd time financially zero” counting from the leaving from the bank.

・After coming back, I was involved in a non profit organization which supports children in Asia. (I lived in a small village in Komatsu for about 2 and a half years.)

・On June 2009, I opened Guest House Pongyi in Kanazawa.


Nina / Manager

Hello! I’m Nina. I was born and raised in Ishikawa prefecture. I really wanted to do something for people, that’s why I came to Pongyi.

I started working at Pongyi from 2017 and was assigned to a landlady (manager) of Pongyi on 2019.

I am a laid-back person but a bit worrier, so my heart is pounding when I welcome our guests. In Pongyi, I can meet many guests from all over the world. Everything is new and interesting, so I feel so fulfilled every day.

Pongy is completely different from the modern and stylish guesthouses which are popular in Japan recently. Our house was built about 140 years ago.

The structure of the house is very small on account of Japanese people being shorter in olden times. Tall people often hit their forehead because of the low ceilings and The stairs are very steep. 

However, I love the warm and peaceful atmosphere of this house money can’t buy.

The time I spend with our guests is precious and I will welcome a lot of guests at Pongyi. I am still inexperienced, but I will do my best. I am looking forward to seeing you here.

Thank you very much !