This is a special Geisha entertainment event.
People can try playing taiko drumming and geisha games after enjoying dancing, drumming and shamisen playing.
33 performances (from Nov. 8 2021 through Mar. 23 2022)

【 Jan. 】 8(Sat.)Higashi, 11(Tue.)Nishi, 14(Fri.)Kazuemachi、
      24(Mon.)Kazuemachi, 31(Mon.)Kazuemachi
【 Feb. 】 5(Sat.)Higashi, 7(Mon.)Kazuemachi, 13(Sun.)Higashi,
      15(Tue.)Kazuemachi、16(Wed.)Nishi, 23 (Wed.) Nishi,
【 Mar. 】 1(Tue.)Nishi, 3(Thu.)Kazuemachi, 4(Fri.)Higashi,
      7(Mon.)Higashi, 8(Tue.)kazuemachi, 10(Thu.)Nishi,
      14(Mon.)Higashi, 16(Wed.)Nishi, 20(Sun.)Nishi,
      22(Tue.)Kazuemachi, 23(Wed.)Higashi

Venue:Ishikawa Prefectual Museum of Art Hall
Official website
Fee: 1,000yen/person
    * 800yen/person (more than 15 people)
Number of people accepted:80 people(It may be change up to the situation of spreading of COVID-19)

Please check the details and how to apply from the following website
Kanazawa Geigi no Mai (official website of Ishikawa pref.)