The nicknames of “Kanazawa Port Cruise Terminal” and “New Ishikawa Prefectural Library” have been decided !

“Kanazawa Port Cruise Terminal” is “Hyakumangoku Marine Terrace”,
“New Ishikawa Prefectural Library” is “Hyakumangoku Biblio Baum”.

Both of them have the word of “Hyakumangoku” which is the symbol of the richness of Maeda clan in Edo period.

● Hyakumangoku Marine Terrace

“Hyakumangoku” is written in hiragana in Japanese.
This gives a gentle impression when it is written.

“Marine” means ocean and “terrace” is one of the attractions of Kanazawa Port Cruise Terminal.

It was selected from more than 3500 applications !

● Hyakumangoku Biblio Baum

The building of New Ishikawa Prefectural Library has just made in December last year.

It is the combination words of “biblio” (means library in Itarian) and “Baum” (means annual tree ring in German).

“Baum” also has the meaning of “growing” and “improvement”.

It has both new and historical meaning ♪

Name:Kanazawa Port Cruise Terminal
Nickname:Hyakumangoku Marine Terrace

Name:New Ishikawa Prefectural Library
Nickname:Hyakumangorku Biblio Baum