Comfortable sleep

Dormitory (shared room)

Bed in dormitory

There are two large sturdy wooden bunkbeds in the dormitory room.

They are made from thick wooden beams and don’t creak. So, you can have a good sleep even in the upper bed.

Each bed has a curtain. You can enjoy your own space with reading light and a bit of incense.

Mattress in dormitory

It is a luxurious mattress with a foam mat and bed pads.

We are pursuing a comfortable sleep with a fluffy duvet by changing the thickness in each season.

Fitted sheet always keeps your mattress comfortable with no wrinkles.

Japanese Style Room (private room)

Futon in Japanese style room

Please be relaxed with a thick mattress and a fluffy duvet in a traditional Japanese room with a round window.

We hope you enjoy a faint scent of incense as well.

Mattress in Japanese style room

Same to the mattress in the dormitories. A foam mat and a bed pad on a thick mattress.

Fitted sheet always keep your mattress comfortable with no wrinkles.

Fluffy and clean

We keep our bedding clean. 

We dry duvet and mattress in the sun on a sunny day

and air them inside on a rainy day.

Subtle scent of incense

Each bed in dormitories is equipped with a small incense bag.

Subtle scent of incense will make you relaxed.

There is an incense burner in the Japanese style room.