We take preventive measures against COVID-19

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are prepared at the front desk and in the common rooms.

Acrylic plate at the front desk

There is an acrylic plate at the front desk.

Air conditioner with plasmacluster

The Common room is equipped with an air conditioner which has a feature of plasmacluster, effective for infection prevention.

Air cleaner with plasmacluster

There is also an air cleaner which has a feature of plasmacluster.

Air cleaner with virus removal function

Mixed Dormitory (shared room) is equipped with an air cleaner with virus removal function at night.

Ventilation fan (Female Dormitory)

There is an electric ventilation fan at the Female Dormitory (shared room).

CO2 concentration measuring instrument

There is a CO2 concentration measuring instrument in the common room in order not to being too crowded.

Declaration of Infection Preventive Measures Against COVID-19

We declare that we take following measures to prevent COVID-19.

1.We take appropriate measures like avoiding face-to-face check in and ask the guests to check their temperature and do identity verification.

2.We check physical condition of the travelers. If they have a fever, symptoms of a cold or something, we will ask health care center for instruction even it is weekend and will take appropriate action.

3.We avoid ” Three Cs” , like setting a restriction on use of shared shower rooms.

4.We clean and ventilate the rooms and common spaces.